ICC Result (3)

Posted on October 16, 2017

Cheshire Premier team played West Midlands Premier team at Winnington Park on Sunday (15th October).

Cheshire took first blood winning 6 points to 2 in the first session, however the second session saw a come back from West Midlands resulting in a 8 points to 8 at half time.

Third session was even stevens with two wins and two losses, however Cheshire won both singles and pairs aggregates meaning at the end of the third session Cheshire had 16 points and West Midlands 12 points.

The fourth and final session proved too much for our Cheshire boys with West Midlands taking all 8 points together with the aggregates in both triples and fours.

This meant that the overall score was Cheshire 16, West Midlands 24.

A valiant effort from the Cheshire team.

Good luck at North Yorkshire on 12th November – our next game.